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Daily Posts are blog entries of no real category but useful info all the same in this mad, mad, world of mine.

Day In the Life

Ever been in that state of consciousness where you’re half asleep but totally aware of everything and everyone around you?  You hear the clock, the dog sleeping near the bed is snoring quite loudly while doing some serious Z’s, and … Continue reading

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How to Simplify a Complicated Decision

You make decisions every day, all day long. With all of that practice, why is it so easy to get hung up on the biggies? Snooze button or wake right up? Coffee or tea? Button down shirt, or pullover? Cereal … Continue reading

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Check Out The Menu Specials

There are a few websites that I am sure everyone frequents on a consistent basis. Some of my more favorite ones are listed here on the main page and will remain until further notice. You can find each one of … Continue reading

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