Saving Money With Google While Shopping Online

Paying full price for something is ludicrous these days. There are so many different ways to ensure you’re getting a deal — all you have to do is a tiny bit of work.

The first thing you ought to do is comparison shop. If it’s something you can get at a bunch of different places (say a book or a DVD), then make sure you check out a bunch of different sites. I’d start with and maybe They usually battle each other pretty good when it comes to prices.

And depending on the item, is worth a peek too. Also under “depending on the item,” you may want to try EBay or Craigslist. Buying used can save you a bunch of money. Or if you have read an earlier post you may want to check out what is on sale this week in your area – quick what was that link I reminded you about?  Ok, I will remind you again…

But if you really want to “go deep” you should entrust the services of the masters of search. Run a Google search and then look for the Shopping tab at the top of the screen. Google will look for prices across the whole web and find the cheapest price. Sometimes that will mean visiting “” That might make you a little uncomfortable, especially when it comes time to type in your credit card number. But that’s an individual comfort level thing.


About martingilligan

Many of my friends and family have stated that I not only have a gift with words but also self expression. As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a writer, but being my own worst critic, I tend either not to share my work, or take the necessary risks to accept the criticism one needs to grow and continue on with my craft. I often start on projects with the intent to succeed, but rarely if at any time do I continue to follow through. It is my hope that this experiment will be the necessary tool to keep me in the habit of pursuing my dream of writing, and continuing on even when Mr. Criticism comes knocking on my door. So as I often say, a blank page is an open invitation to view my thoughts and ideas as I bleed my creativity upon its empty space. So strap yourself in...the roller coaster ride is about to begin, as I welcome you to my madness.
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