Free TV/Movies Online Guide

How to get free TV and movies online

The number of U.S. households watching TV through the computer is growing every day. One in four households now does it this way, according to the latest estimates. A few years ago, it was only the one or two percent of techies among us that adopted this technology.

The growing popularity of free online TV is no surprise; the typical person pays some $60/month for cable or satellite (or else gets it free over the air). It’s not uncommon to pay over $100/month.

Who couldn’t use that money back in your pocket?

Find Online Programming

Now that you’re ready to get your computer and TV hooked up, where can you actually point your browser to view free TV and movie content? Here’s a few suggestions to get you started: ($7.99/month as of January 2011 )$7.99/month as of January 2011) (only available if your high-speed Internet provider participates) (warning: may contain adult content)



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